Backing Tracks for Websites

Why Have a Tailor Made Backing Track for your Website?

Your website is your shop window for your business. Have you ever thought of how this appears to different groups of potential clients?

When talking to people you may have noticed that there are distinct groups:

  • some speak in pictures… “I see what you’re saying”
  • some speak emotionally… “I can feel that you’re…”
  • some talk about how they “hear” messages… and for these “auditory focussed” people, a silent website will not necessarily hold their attention.

Bespoke Web Site Backing Tracks

Why not have music playing in the background whilst they surf your site?

Custom Website Music Theme

If you require something ‘original’, talk to us and we can compose something to suit the ‘tone’ of your site.

  • Consider your site and the image you are trying to portray to your client – classic, funky, romantic………
  • Choose a style of music that will suit your ‘image’

Phone M4Music and ask for advice. We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a backing track to suit you.

Call us – we may be able to help you.